lavender stalks and scissors in basket

Welcome to the world of Cloverdew. My name is Sara and I’m a web content strategist and a spiritual life coach. I enjoy crisp autumn days, early morning cups of coffee, and the beauty of filling a blank page with words. I’m a make-up hoarder and stress-baker. I color-code everything possible.

I am a movie dork, grammar geek, and music addict. I adore stringing words together to tell stories. I have a soft spot for fairy tales. I believe in self-motivation and self-fulfilling prophecies. Some of my favorite things include brilliant colors, robust words, spicy Thai and Indian food, green city parks, and rainy afternoons.

I connect with my spirituality through reading and writing, meditation, oracle and tarot cards, ritual, and by serving as a guide to help others along their journey. I also love essential oils and share my gift of intuition by creating custom blends that help to connect people with their life purpose and desired state of being.

I also wrote a manifesto for this site and life in general.

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