Older Americans Month

15 May, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, I work in the field of aging and May is Older Americans Month. While this may seem on the surface to have nothing to do with my foray into graphic design and website development or what has come to be known as social media, I actually do a lot of work maintaining the site for the Hartford Geriatric Social Work Initiative, where I work doing grant administration.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog and does in no way reflect the opinions or the position of my employer, the Gerontological Society of America. For more information on The Gerontological Society of America, please visit their website at For more information on the Geriatric Social Work Initiative, please visit

In the last year of employment working here, I have learned much about what I would like to do with my life, but also much about the needs and care of older people. This May, the focus on older people comes to the forefront with President Obama’s new Older Americans Month.

Living Today for a Better Tomorrow

Living Today for a Better Tomorrow

So, in honor of this month set aside by President Obama and in celebration of becoming a part of the awesome 12for12k Challenge Network, I’d like to alert everyone to the charity of the month: Hospice of Peel. It’s an issue that is close to my heart since my grandmother was on end-of-life care before she died a few years ago and although, in her case, the care wasn’t needed long-term, it made a world of difference to her and everyone in our family, as well as her huge circle of friends. Not only did they take great care of my grandmother, but they also made sure that her visitors were well treated with kindness. They provided us with food and drink when needed, as well as care when someone else simply could not be in the room with her. I have tremendous respect for care workers in general, and especially high esteem for care workers who deal with the terminally ill.

If you or a family member has ever been helped by a hospice worker, I encourage you to check out the Hospice of Peel website and see what they do. If you like what they do, I encourage you to donate.

These are the types of services and help that donations to the hospice help to provide:



  • $20 provides care to a family for a week
  • $50 can help with special interactive “kits for kids” for children with terminal illness (Hospice of Peel helps all ages)
  • $100 can sponsor home visits by volunteers to offer support for Hospice of Peel patients
  • $130 provides transportation for day hospice patients for a whole month
  • $200 can provide bereavement care for one year
  • $520 provides professional 10-week training for volunteers
  • $1,000 provides much-needed craft supplies for the Day Hospice for six months


While this charity is based in Canada, there are many other ways to celebrate and honor Older Americans Month (if you have a desire to be geo-specific). Regardless of the name, setting aside a month to honor the elders of our community is a great idea no matter where you live.

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