Scraping the Bottom, Skimming the Top

24 June, 2009

As an artist and creative person, I usually have a well of ideas I draw from when I need inspiration, but there are some times when either the ideas don’t fit the medium or the purpose of the project I’m working on, or perhaps my well has run completely dry. When I need to replenish the supply, there are some things I usually do. My personal toolbox, though, is not infinitely deep and full, so I thought I would ask some other creative types where they draw inspiration from to see if I might find some new sources. Here’s what was shared with me (please feel free to add your own in the comments, as well):

christopherscot Christopher Scott: Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of my inspiration from the past, graphic design throughout history, and my childhood, specifically.
jcrossland Jonathan Crossland: I find inspiration in past events, emotions that perhaps occurred years before, but apply as a “feeling” to a new situation.
pixiequeen10thk Kirsty Selway: I get a lot of inspiration from other people’s work. Sometime’s just 1 texture will suffice.

Here are some sources I often draw on when I’m in need of inspiration:

  • tarot cards
  • architecture
  • artwork (both classic and modern)
  • naturally occurring themes or shapes or color combinations
  • fairy tales, myths, or legends
  • literature or historical events
  • a sense of whimsy

So, tell me, when you seem to have scraped the bottom of the barrel, where do you go for new inspiration? How do you come up with new ideas? What recharges and refreshes you?

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