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Prancing Ponies and Waltzing Snowflakes

14 December, 2009

♥ Check out the amazing textured, patterned wood floor inlay that Jana shared on her blog, Rooted In Style. Gorgeous!

♥ Jane, from Sea of Shoes, is one of the luckiest girls in the world. And not just because she gets to go shopping in Paris, walk down the runway in haute couture gowns, and has a great family to keep her grounded. This girl is fortunate enough to have been inside Coco Chanel’s home! Here she shares her experience of going to 31 Rue Cambon…

♥ If you sew, which I’m going to get back into when my new Brother LX 3125 Sewing Machine arrives, you might want these instructions from Simplicity on How To Resize Any Pattern.

♥ For those savvy green girls who want to save some money, save the earth, and DIY: crafting from trash, recycling and repurposing plastic bags for the holiday season!

♥ For those other Steepsters out there, check out this adorable homemade tea shelf! And there are directions on how to make one yourself, too!

♥ How much do I love Rachel Zoe? She’s fabulous and always gives the best dirt on the most amazing fashion and beauty products, like this twinkly Sublime Radiant Powder from Guerlain. I die. (Rachel must know that one of my favorite scents ever, in addition to my favorite color, is violet!)

♥ For some adorable and classy birthday humor, why not check out Wiley Valentine’s letterpress shop, Inspired Paper Designs, which have beauties like this “Happy Birthday Ewe!” card.

♥ Run out of pretty wrapping paper for your holiday gifts? Try wrapping them up with brown paper from the post office, plus some cut-outs of magazines or catalogues, and some pretty ribbon a la these beauties from Maura McGovern’s tumblr, texturism.

♥ Of course, if you’re a bibliophile like me, you might want to order up some of these library-themed holiday tags from

♥ Nubby offers some great Shoe Care Secrets. Go buy yourself your ultimate pair of heels and then take great care of them!

♥ I recently discovered the cutest little porcelain and silver jewelry pieces from Wah Wah Wears by Zoe Churchill. If you like quirky quotes and kooky images, this independent artist’s site is for you.

♥ If you want to give your mom, dad, or significant other a great gift, why not leave your imprint on their heart on a chain they can wear?

♥ If you’ve ever wondered the difference between Pantone, RGB, and CMYK, check out this quick little lesson from eightyonedesign.

♥ In the season of giving, it’s most appropriate to visit a place like Ark° (Acts of Random Kindness). As their site (and t-shirt) says, “The name, the movement – Acts of Random Kindness° The idea – one ark° every time the clothing is worn. That’s it – buy a stranger a cup of coffee, give up your seat on the bus. Just make someone’s day, it’s up to you how you ark° on it.” Great idea and great clothing!

♥ Looking forward to the new year? I know I am. And with this adorable calendar from Sam & Cheryl, you can get your New Year’s groove on early, too. Check out this printable project on Ez’s blog, Creature Comforts.


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