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Auspicious Beginnings

5 January, 2010

♥ The New Year started on the night of a Blue Moon. That has to be a good omen, right?! I’m excited.

♥ Who loves Edward Gorey? I know you all do… so head over to the Blah, Blah Blahg and get yourself the Edward Gorey font!

♥ If I had a million dollars, one of the things I’d buy would be this amazing Ellen Von Unwerth photography book. Is anyone else drooling as much as I am?

♥ I’m totally obsessed with Marc Jacobs’ new perfume Lola. It’s sweet, it’s spicy. Everything a feisty femme like myself could want in a perfume. Not to mention the bottle’s gorgeous, too. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. 😉

♥ Iranian men cross-dress for women’s rights. As Alex DeBranco says, “Hey American guys — won’t you dress in drag to support women’s rights, too? ‘Cause every girl’s crazy for a sharp-dressed man.”

♥ My friend from college, Zia, just started blogging a new creative venture. He’s a very talented musician and a very intelligent guy. His first post is called Why You Should Create Something in the Next 24 Hours. And why shouldn’t you? Stop making excuses and DO IT.

♥ Are you driven by passion? How does that work for you at work? Lauren Fernandez writes about the benefits of using your passion to fuel your career. Great discussion in the comments, too!

♥ No matter how bad it seems, believe in yourself and you will come through.

♥ Can’t wait for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to come out in March? Me, either. Well, while you’re waiting, why not check out the Alice in Waterland collection at Elena Kalis Photography (Thanks, Kate, for the link!)

♥ Check out this luscious ruffled coat that Franki found. It’s by Lia Lintern and I can’t wait to see what new things come up in upcoming season collections.

♥ What better way to recycle cardboard tissue paper rolls than by building a forest with them? Yuken Teruya made this Corner Forest. And I happen to think it’s absolutely the bomb. Check out the amazing shadows created with the cut-outs and relief. Love love love! (via Lushlee)

♥ If you have not already become obsessed with Florence + the Machine, you’re missing something. I’d give my left arm, or maybe my left lung to see her in concert.


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