10 Things I Love About Summer

23 July, 2014

Simple list form. Here we go!


  1. Fireflies. Little lightning bugs flickering in the twilight always make me smile. I saw some on the way home last week and it made me remember when I was a kid and would chase them down with nothing but my hands to catch them, hoping to see them light up just for me.
  2. Sandals and dresses. As simple as it gets as far as clothing goes, yet minimalism still yields fashion. I love looking put-together with just one item of clothing and a pair of shoes. Simple is sexy.
  3. Country and ColdΒ Cans, both actual country music and cold beers, and also the song by Dierks Bentley. (Here’s my Summer in the Country Spotify playlist, if you’re interested.)
  4. Watermelon.
  5. Going barefoot in the grass or on the beach.
  6. Outdoor concerts. Taking a picnic lunch or dinner and sitting outside listening to music is best. Even if there isn’t a concert outdoors, taking a picnic and a radio or speakers for my iPhone out to a park for the afternoon is a great way to spend a Saturday.
  7. Beachy hair waves.
  8. My birthday, which is in August. This year, I’m treating myself to a Labor Day Weekend trip to visit my extended family in New Hampshire. I can’t wait!
  9. Being by the water. Any body of water will do: beach, rocky coast, lake shore, riverside, or even a pool. Being in and around water just makes me happy.
  10. The fact that, even though I love summer, my favorite season, autumn, is right around the corner. Growing up, living in Maine, my favorite season was definitely summer, but now that I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area for over ten years, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of autumn. In DC and Virginia, where I now live, the temperatures start to cool off just a bit, but are still warm enough for patio-sitting (in fact, it’s usually much more pleasant in fall than during the muggy summer months), the leaves start to change color, and it’s time for harvest celebrations of all kinds.

What are your top ten summer wonders?

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