Cloverdew for Hire!

14 July, 2011

It’s official. Cloverdew (aka yours truly, Sara Halperin) is looking for her next career opportunity.

About me:
I am deeply committed to creating lasting and meaningful relationships through active engagement. I have insatiable curiosity and a desire to educate myself, team members, and consumers. I’m passionate and compassionate, hard-working, and fast-learning. I am unafraid to use brilliant colors and robust words to inject energy into projects. My background in international communications, experience living in Europe and the Middle East, and studies of language and culture provide me with a unique view of the world, enabling me to see many sides of the same situation. Some of my favorite things are dark chocolate and espresso, spicy food, and all forms of art (and, as you can see, I still use the Oxford comma).

Here’s what my previous boss had to say about me: From my experience working with Sara, I certainly would point out her creativity as a strength. She also has excellent writing skills and demonstrates much enthusiasm for professional development and acquiring new skills. She is a quick learner and has a good eye for how to help with systems improvements that lead to efficiencies.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • a place I can grow and learn; something that will provide more questions than answers, something that will get my creative gears turning
  • work that utilizes my writing skills, but challenges me to build my skill base beyond that which I already know
  • an environment that is teamwork-oriented, fosters creativity, and cares about the employees, as well as consumers
  • a living wage with adequate health benefits
  • direct and honest communications
Connect with me:
Phone: 202.413.0953
Twitter: @cloverdew
Download my resume in PDF form: resume


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