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The Strokes | Angles

29 July, 2011

Ever have those days where you simply cannot get a song out of your head? Yeah, me, too. When I become a huge fan of an artist and album, sometimes I just listen to the thing on repeat. Aural Fixation is a blog feature where I will talk, ramble, express my love for, and otherwise babble on about musical artists I am a huge fan of, whose albums I can put on repeat and never tire of, who pick me up when I’m down, who complement my various moods, and who will remain staples in my extremely varied and sometimes obscure music diet.

Ever since the Strokes released their album Angles a few months ago, I haven’t been able to stop playing it. In 2001, the Strokes exploded onto the scene with their album Is This It? The album was one of the best of the 2000s and the group was even hailed as “the saviors of rock n roll” by some (see I remember working in a record shop not long after this album came out and how often we used to play it, customers always commenting on it and asking who it was – we were forever selling out of the album.

They put out a second album in 2003, Room on Fire. And in 2005, a third album was released, First Impressions of Earth, which was also successful. Not since their first album, however, have the Strokes had one this exciting. Angles is experimental and edgy, with notes of 80s synth-pop influence and 90s grunge-rock guitar riffs. Hard to explain, but easy to listen to. It’s a rock-pop dreamscape that will inject energy into even the sleepiest Sara (a great “wake up” album). It’s the best of 80s, 90s, and 2000s rolled into one completely comprehensive and infinitely interesting musical masterpiece.

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