A List of Gratitude and Wonder

31 October, 2011

A list of gratitude and wonder:

♥ having breakfast with three beautiful deer, grazing in the morning sunlight ♥ opportunities to interview with interesting organizations ♥ Lark Rise to Candleford (who doesn’t love a period drama?) ♥ testing out fun recipes from foodie blogs ♥ picking apples and making homemade apple butter ♥ good friends who rescue you from going stir-crazy ♥ ending the evening with a phone call from my sweetheart ♥ being able to do something nice for someone else just to put a smile on his/her face ♥ pumpkin spice lattes ♥ fall temperatures and being able to wear sweaters ♥ putting together a playlist on Spotify for the express purpose of writing ♥ spending a full day outside with good friends at the Renaissance Festival, wearing pretty garb, watching a production of Hamlet, and enjoying music ♥ LUSH’s Dream Cream (with every essential oil good for your skin in one lotion… it’s decadent and scrumptious) ♥ Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s autumn scents (Pumpkin Latte, Sugar Skull, Samhain, etc.) ♥ leaves turning many colors, falling, and crunching under my feet ♥ It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! ♥ homemade cheddar, shallot, and chive scones and broccoli cheese soup ♥ the start of NaNoWriMo ♥ Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups ♥ having a job ♥ making holiday plans ♥ all of the fall colors ♥ pedicures ♥ drinking wine and socializing with some great people ♥ firing up the fireplace to keep the house warm ♥

*image credit: jek in the box

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