The Fates (an excerpt)

1 November, 2011

Athena could not be fooled by her father, however. She stood tall and, as she had done many times before, swore to herself that she would never let a man be her undoing. She was not as weak as Hera. In fact, she was stronger, cleverer, and faster than any god, and more dangerous.

She did not need sex to feel powerful and she did not need love to get respect. She was admired and revered and worshipped far and wide and all she needed she got from her followers. Her wrath was her glory and her wit was her guide. Her wisdom made her a force to be reckoned with. Athena did not need the love of one man to make her happy; she had multitudes of worshippers who made her swell with pride.

Making her way around to the fountain, Athena filled her cup and drank to Dionysus as she passed. Everything seemed to be going rather swimmingly, especially for a party honoring Dionysus, but that did not last long. Although, the disruption wasn’t quite what Athena expected.

It was not a complete surprise when the Fates showed up, but when they climbed atop the table, Athena knew something was off. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos spoke with one voice that boomed over all of Mount Olympus.

“We are the Fates, the ones who hold your future in our hands. We spun the thread of life on our spindle, we measured the thread of life, and we cut the thread of life, which determines the outcome of all souls.

We are here tonight to inform you of your own destinies.

Because you have abused your power, playing with the lives of mortals for your own gain and entertainment, it is decided that you will suffer the consequences. You will be sentenced to life as humans. You will be given life, you will live life, and you will die. And then you will be given life again. You will live out the rest of your days in the form of those you sought to control for your own amusement.”

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