Love a la Carte

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22 March, 2012


Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

ska music ♥ this article: Why Are We So Afraid of Creativity? from Scientific American ♥ Stop Being a Tortured Creative and Have Fun (photo NSFW) ♥ the smell of spring (dirt and flowers and fresh air) ♥ Great Big Sea’s song Ordinary Day – it always starts my day the right way ♥ How cute are these Pantone colored tarlettes?! ♥ this poem by Danielle LaPorte (I dare you not to feel inspired and invigorated after reading it!) ♥ One Direction (video) (they’re a boy band pop group, but feminist boys who can actually sing? I love it!) ♥ The 11th Step to Fairy Tale Love is Key (a guide for how to make fairy tale endings happen in real life)  ♥ a fantastically fun read on feminism from the lovely Gala Darling: The Intersection between Fashion, Personal Expression, and Loving Who You AreEric Cahan’s Sky Series (see above and click through for more) – I would love to have a print or five of these in my home! ♥ hazelnut mochas (they taste like Nutella in a cup!) ♥ This list of songs for bad body image days from Feministing (especially Video from India.Arie) ♥ the anticipation leading up to my trip to Indonesia ♥ having a clean and organized living space and working space ♥ Bitches in Bookshops (video) ♥ ♥ crystal point rings (I will buy myself one one of these days) ♥ wearing skirts in the spring weather ♥

*image: Eric Cahan

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