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8 June, 2012

think less, dream more

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

♥ ice water on a hot day ♥ Neil Gaiman: Literary Rock Star and Me, a great little post about the uniqueness of Neil Gaiman’s storyteller status ♥ coming out of a Lush store smelling like their delicious products ♥ The Lost Principles of Design ♥ finally purchasing something I’ve been putting off for a year ♥ 10 Ways to Spark Your Creativity and Joy ♥ making these Red Velvet S’mores Brownies with Courtney ♥ a riveting retreat with my coworkers ♥ awesome connections with friends via the Internet ♥ planning an actual vacation like an adult ♥ Robyn ♥ my favorite Pad Thai from my favorite restaurant ♥ 7 Tips I Use to Spark My Creativity from the Happiness Project ♥ coconut-flavored coffee (it tastes like summer!) ♥ Starbucks donating $1 for each Foursquare check-in to (RED)Rush to help fight AIDS ♥

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