Be the Creator

28 September, 2010

“Create instead of living off the buying and selling of others,” Amber Porter Cox posted to her followers the other day. What a powerful statement and even more powerful way to live! Someone remarked that they thought she must be an entrepreneur. Yes, but the truth of the matter is that Amber is also an artist, the creator and center of her own life as she knows it.

What if, instead of being a part of a consumer culture, where we focused on the buying, the selling, the consuming of goods and services of everything and everyone around us, we took a moment to step back and observe what is truly important in our lives? If we stopped for just a few minutes, or maybe an hour each day, when time is precious, and stepped away from the internet, the television, the cell phone, the email, the constant chatter… to stop and recognize what is most important. Instead of hearing the distractions and the buzzing and the work and the hustle and bustle, maybe we would begin to listen to the sweet sound of silence, the blackness, the blankness of the beginning of something and we could actually create something new.

What’s holding you back from being the center of your life? Make a list of those obstacles. Are they concrete? If so, how do you move them? What steps do you need to take to push them out of your way? If not, what must you do in order make a change in your life so that you don’t fall into the same thought patterns? Give yourself that chance to be brilliant. What magic might await us if we just tuned out, turned off, took the time and gave ourselves the chance to Be the Creator?

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