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Bright and Beautiful Birthday Month Bits

13 August, 2013

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

A cure for the mid-week blues? Dress like it’s your birthday! Orphan Black. About my alma mater: 15 Signs You Went To American University (I laughed so hard, but it’s so true – particularly the one about how everyone wanted to solve ALL THE GEOPOLITICAL PROBLEMS). Reading tons of beauty blogs. Really good coffee. Mat Kearney. Fireflies. “Jetsetting” with style magazines, pretty dresses, and carry-on luggage. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner. Picnic-style lunches (crackers, chicken salad, and lots of fruit and ice water). Chris Pine singing. New England rock walls. A true Italian submarine sandwich. Listening to Billie Holiday while writing. Driving to work in the morning sun and passing the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Kennedy Center shining in the light. The White House Twitter account trying to make fetch happen. Cooking Italian food and feeling connected to my heritage. Family: attending my cousin’s wedding in New Hampshire, seeing photos of my parents’ safari in Africa, talking to my big brother on the phone for nearly an hour. Brightly colored office supplies.

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