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Love A La Carte: Divine Connection

16 July, 2017

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

Finding ways to connect to Spirit… some examples below:

Working through Kathrin Zenkina’s Unleash Your Inner Money Babe book. She truly is a Manifestation Babe. I love her accessible and interesting approach to attracting money through the law of attraction. She also has a bomb Facebook group of Manifestation Babes who are some of the greatest women on the internet.

Having coffee with someone who always makes me feel my life is affirmed and my soul loved.

Watching Moana again. Great movie about perseverance and courage. (Someday I’m going to be just like Gramma Tala.)

Cleaning out and organizing my bookshelves and my closet. I’m going to donate all the clothing and shoes and bags I don’t use to a women’s shelter.

The Kindness Diaries, a series on Netflix about the kindness of people: man travels the world relying solely on the kindness of others and gives back in unexpected ways. Absolutely beautiful the connections humans can make with each other, even when they’ve just met.

A really awesome tarot reading from Courtney Allen at The Witchy Moon. She did a custom reading for me and every page of the 13 pages she included spoke to me on a very deep level. If you’re looking for divine guidance, send Courtney a message and tell her I sent you.

The Goddess Revolution. Mel Wells has written a book that speaks directly to my soul about food, self image, and living a healthy life.

Spending time each morning meditating and pulling tarot cards before breakfast.



Blog Love a la Carte

Love A La Carte: The Height of Summer

28 June, 2017

lavender stalks and scissors in basket

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.


Using the concept of Ho’oponopono to let go.

Creating a High Vibing playlist on Spotify.

Writing and receiving hand-written correspondence.

Bullet Journaling. Using someone else’s planner was getting in the way of creativity and flow. I’m glad to be back at it again.

Using to create my latest vision board. I’m so in love with it that I have it as my desktop wallpaper on the computer at work and also on my laptop at home. I chose images that make me feel free, fulfilled, and flirtatious.

Going to see a good friend’s art exhibit.

Visiting a lavender farm with some friends. The air smelled ever-so-faintly of lavender in the sunshine.

Drinking iced coffee. Hey, sometimes it’s the little things.





Ho’oponopono or How To Finally, Truly Forgive and Let Go

27 June, 2017

Have you ever heard of the concept of Ho’oponopono?

It’s the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It asks first that you forgive the person or situation, then that you take responsibility for holding on to it, that you recognize what you learned from it, and then that you feel gratitude toward the person or situation. You repeat:

I forgive you.
I’m sorry.
Thank you.
I love you.

Powerful stuff.

Today I made a list of 25 things I need to let go of. I practiced the ritual of Ho’oponopono with each one of them. I am releasing and I am making room for the good stuff.

I challenge you to do the same. Make a list of 20-25 things you need to let go of and practice saying: I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.

I promise you won’t regret it.


Love A La Carte: Nerd Camp

11 June, 2017
ConFab Central Sign

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

I was lucky enough to attend an awesome conference for work this week called ConFab. ConFab Central is a conference centered around digital content strategy, which includes sessions and information on writing for the web, user experience, marketing, and information architecture, amongst other digital strategy issues. Here are some of the highlights:

Meeting incredibly smart, interesting and interested individuals from all over the world who all respect different perspectives on the definition and execution of content strategy.

Spending time in the downtown area of Minneapolis – tacos for lunch at Barrio, dinner at FireLake Grill and Cocktail Bar, and a party at the Dakota Jazz Club.

Spending a full day with Kristina Halvorson talking about content strategy during her workshop and taking pages upon pages of notes. Even though the title of her workshop said 101, I found this to be much more than entry-level.

Listening to Ann Handley challenge assumptions about content strategy using some great examples – and puppies! This awesome speaker even donated to #MutualRescue on behalf of ConFab. How awesome is that?!

Experiencing the fast-paced Lightning Talks on such topics as inclusivity through accessibility, how to say NO without saying no, and how to stop being a perfectionist and embrace imperfect words in user experience design.

Learning from Becky Spurbeck just how much simplified writing on the web improves comprehension and time for consumers of our digital media. And how to simplify writing without sacrificing the quality of the content.

Being brought to tears by LeVar Burton during his keynote on literacy and storytelling. EVERYONE should be able to read and have access to content, whether that’s in traditional print books or through digital media. It’s essential to our learning, feeling, and growing as human beings. (If you’re a parent, check out the awesome content he’s brought to children through Reading Rainbow’s Skybrary.)

Taking a deep dive into search engine optimization through the eyes of a content strategist. Jess Hutton described super helpful, innovative, and human ways to think about how content could be easier to find with search engines.

I just can’t say enough good about this conference. I already can’t wait to go back next year!

Blog Love a la Carte

Love A La Carte: Love, Style, and Bad Habits

2 June, 2017

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

Loving what I’m getting in my monthly Stitch Fix box. This month, my loves were a black sueded, perforated jacket and a black blouse with lace cap sleeves. So cute!

Enjoying the health journey that I started about a month ago. Not only am I working on getting physically healthy from the inside out, but I’m also working on my mental health, self-esteem, and spiritual well-being. The people I’ve met on this journey are awesome and I am so grateful for my newfound family.

Rocking dark lipstick in the ‘wrong’ season.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits. This book is incredible. I’m about a third of the way through it and absolutely love it. I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to add a little joie de vivre to her life. Also, I just joined a group on Facebook called the French Kiss Life Club. It’s fabulous. All about how to embrace life with ease and elegance. Come join me!

Irish accents. Still.

Spending Memorial Day with good friends, watching movies, drinking homemade cocktails, swimming in the salt water pool, and dinner from the grill! What a perfect way to spend a day off.


The Big Stuff

1 June, 2017

So much has changed in the last year, in the last six months. My entire belief system has been challenged and shifted. My understanding of the world around me has opened up and become both more clear and more wondrous.

I used to feel very cynical and I used to consider myself an atheist. I was so sure that God did not exist. I didn’t understand prayer, at least in the traditional sense. And yet, I thought I was open-minded.

I always respected other people’s right to believe what they wanted, but secretly I judged them for being wrong. For not questioning enough. For following blindly. But now I know that I was skeptical because I didn’t have enough lived experience with the divine. My lived experiences involved deep spiritual connections with nature and with other people, but there was still something lacking.

In the last six months, there have been some things that have shown me what my struggles have been for. I have found new connections and new purpose. There have been some major changes in how I spend my time and, while there have been obstacles and backsliding, I feel more than ever that I am actually moving forward in the time that is right for me. I am (very slowly) learning to trust in the universe and surrender, recognizing that my path is laid out to benefit the highest good. This does not mean that I am giving up, but that I do my best and let Spirit take it from there.

I used to try to control everything. I thought that I was the only one that could make a difference in my own life and that circumstances and hard work were the only things that would move me forward in any aspect of life. I now know that it’s not that simple (or that challenging).

I was constantly swimming upstream. Now, I’m working on finding a way to work with the current. I’m investigating my gifts and listening to my gut. There is something inside that will take me in the right direction if I don’t let my overly analytical head get in the way. It’s a different kind of challenge – letting go, trusting – but it’s a challenge that is worthwhile. It takes a lot of the pressure off. I no longer feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. It’s a relief, really.

I’m definitely feeling lighter, healthier, more full of joy. I am able to let go of the past because I know now that there was a reason for all of it. It took a lot longer to learn the lesson than I would have liked, but I am trusting in the Universe that the plan is unfolding in Divine Time.

So, here’s to experiencing the Source of All Life, which is God and Spirit and Creator. I am grateful and I am moved. And I hope that I will continue to experience the beauty that Spirit has shown me.


Merry Mabon

22 September, 2016

I can’t believe it’s already September. This summer flew by and I did almost nothing on my Summer To-Do List. I did move into a brand new apartment that has a balcony, but I haven’t used it yet since it’s been so hot and humid outside. I did drink some fantastic wine, my favorite of which was Virginia’s own Gray Ghost Victorian Red, a blend of Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay. Delightful! I took a day trip to Annapolis for my birthday and had a wonderful lunch near the water and window-shopped and enjoyed the breeze off the water. I made a summer playlist and drove around with the windows down and radio blaring just once. It was a very fast summer and full of work and settling in to my new apartment and spending time with friends, but I am relieved and excited that it is September and life is starting to slow down, even if work is picking up.

This time of the year always feels like a return to who I am at the core. Perhaps that’s because my birthday is just before Labor Day, perhaps it’s because I never really shook the Back to School routine from my psyche, perhaps it’s because I’ve grown to appreciate this season more now that I live in a place where this season’s weather is my favorite. I revel in the cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves, the slightly less intense sun during the day. I appreciate the opportunities to drink hot coffee and bundle up in a warm sweater. I love the smells of fall: wood fires and ripe apples and cinnamon. It’s a good time to show off my cooking skills, too, since it’s not too hot to slave over a stove, but yet still warm enough to leave the kitchen window open.

I always do best in the fall with eating healthier, clearing out, getting organized, and getting my life together. I’m working on all three of those things yet again, although less so the clearing out since I did quite a lot of that before I moved. I’m concentrating less on physical clearing out and more on clearing out all of my digital properties. I am working on eating healthier and doing more meal planning. As for getting my life together, there are many things that I’m working on in order to do that. The first of which is using a bullet journal. I’m not only tracking to-dos, but also how much water I’m drinking, how many fruits and vegetables I’m eating, and how much sleep I’m getting.

Today we celebrate not only the fall equinox, but also the righting of Mercury. I’m in a good place and ready to celebrate the harvest with friends tonight. We shall eat, drink, and make merry and I am grateful for all that has come my way, all that has been set in motion during this time. I hope that this time is a wonderful transition for you, as well.