Culture Shock

19 May, 2011

I’m in a bit of culture shock after moving from Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area to Bradenton, Florida. I am spending my days with wide eyes, gawking at the flat, wide, airy palm-ridden sun-soaked beach-filled area. Everything from the weather to the driving to the inhabitants of the area are alien. If people aren’t on vacation, they’re retired.Β The pace of life here is much slower. People aren’t rushing everywhere they go, honking horns and suffering from hypertension. People take time to stop and say hello when on their morning walks. It’s much more of a small-town type feeling.

I am enjoying my days when I’m not job-hunting by reading by the pool, swimming, creating craft projects, painting, and sketching. I have to be honest: I haven’t done much writing. I find that I need a certain atmosphere for that and I haven’t been able to create that yet. I’m still getting used to the hot, but not sticky (compared to DC) days, the cool nights, and the genuine Florida sun.

The entire health system in Florida seems to operate differently than in Virginia and the neighborhoods are confusing (all different classes houses neighboring one another) and I still don’t know my way around, so if I were without my trusty Tom-Tom, I’d be lost. I’m finding my way, little by little.

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