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February Fun & Fangirling

26 February, 2013

 Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

I haven’t done one of these in far too long and I have so many things to be grateful for, so many wonderful things happening in my life, so much good stuff to share:

Watching the Oscars and making snacks with my roommate, fangirling just about everyone there – especially Jennifer Lawrence, and staying up way too late to watch the cast of Les Mis perform an amazing medley of songs. ♥ Having amazing friends and family who believe in me. ♥ The wonderful, natural snacks from, a subscription box for healthy stuff delivered to your home or office once a week. ♥ Revisiting the Warblers album from Glee. ♥ Shopping trips, facial massages, and Thai food with a good friend. ♥ Finding gluten-free foods and making some at home, too.  ♥ Fandom collisions. ♥ Discovering new blogs to follow. Who are some of your favorites? ♥ The smell of fresh, ripe tomatoes. ♥ Having justalittle expendable cash. ♥ Bath bombs from Lush, in particular the Sakura one, which smells like heavenly cherry blossoms on a warm breeze. ♥ Getting Valentine’s in the mail from some awesome ladies. ♥ Train. ♥  Communities on Facebook. In particular, a make-up and beauty one I now belong to. So much fun. So bad for my wallet. ♥ Making homemade meatballs to have with gluten-free spaghetti. One of my favorite comfort foods. ♥ Horoscopes that are spot-on. ♥ Fresh flowers. ♥ This breathtaking view of the DC area from space. ♥ The beautiful fairy tale-inspired Glamourkins at the Fable Tribe. ♥ The Princess Bride Ipsum generator: ♥ Getting a little tax return. ♥ Staying up way too late on Friday night to spend time with friends and waking up late on Saturday since I have nowhere to be. ♥ New glasses from Warby Parker. ♥ Getting my dental work all taken care-of. ♥ 5% off coupons for a whole day of shopping at Target. ♥ Chocolate. ♥

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