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A Very Sweet Bowl of Cherries

2 September, 2011

Here are just some of the things that are making my life a very sweet bowl of cherries:

VLCImelda May‘s new album, Mayhem ♥ new lenses for my glasses ♥ ♥ my new 10-pound weights ♥ a clean and clutter-free desk ♥ homemade simple syrup for my iced coffee ♥ (free) Goodies from FontFont ♥ Nubby Twiglet’s Organization Methods: Tips and Tricks from a Virgo or How To Organize ALL THE THINGS (as a Virgo who would LOVE to be this organized, I had to recommend it!) ♥ Kate Spade’s simple, fun, and colorful Wedding Belles collection ♥ downloading albums from bandcamp ♥ actual cherries ♥ music reviews in BUST magazine ♥ road trips ♥ Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake ice cream ♥ Operation Sparkle Wedding which will support two great friends in having a legal fairy tale wedding in upstate New York through purchases of wonderful, magical items like Glamourkins, stories, and beautiful decorative wearable fabric flowers ♥ the Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Butter ♥ looking through old journals ♥ cupcakes ♥ the kindness of friends and strangers alike ♥ listening to old mix CDs and rediscovering who I was at different points in my life ♥ hugs ♥ Trader Joe’s ♥ driving the back roads of Virginia ♥ Wunderlist app for iPhone and the idea from a friend of taking a screen shot of my to do list and using it as my screensaver ♥ great interviews ♥ new possibilities on the horizon ♥ being told that my creativity is one of my best virtues and that I have excellent writing skills ♥ PG Tips with sugar and cream ♥ opening all the windows in the house ♥ being blessed by a family of deer in the back yard ♥ feeling like I’m in just the right place ♥ being visited by friends from faraway places in my dreams ♥ the smell of autumn in the air ♥ cards by Papyrus ♥ receiving handwritten letters ♥

What’s in your bowl of cherries?

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  • Reply Corrine/Frock & Roll 11 September, 2011 at 2:50 am

    Awww, what a lovely wee list!


    – Really, really adorable boys who unexpectedly buy you boxes of birthday chocolates. (So cute!) – Strangers who surprise you with ”hey! I love your blog!” comments. – Beautiful blue sky days. – Any time spent with my boyfriend, because it’s always ridiculous, stupid and fun!

    • Reply cloverdewNo Gravatar 12 September, 2011 at 1:09 pm

      Yours is a lovely list, as well. I always love reading about great things going on with other people. Thanks for sharing, Corrine. 🙂

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