Love a la Carte

Colors Galore!

4 April, 2011

A list of the things I’m loving right now:

♔ The Princess Bride. ♔ The National & St. Vincent. ♔ Colored Moleskine notebooks. ♔ Reading BUST whilst on the treadmill. ♔ Dreaming in German. ♔ Candy colored Pilot pens. ♔ Traveling with Pomegranates. ♔ Pinterest. ♔ Bright pink. ♔ Keeping things clean and organized, making the bed, living in natural light. ♔ Guilty pleasure tv shows. ♔ Needing to use air conditioning instead of heating on the first gorgeous day of the year (85 degrees!). ♔ Green Goodness. ♔ Chatting with faraway friends via the internet. ♔

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