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29 April, 2011

♥ My parents. ♥ Casey Abrams from American Idol. ♥ The best weekend ever, including: spending time with my sweetheart, girls night out, series premiere of Doctor Who, and lots of down time. ♥ Constructive criticism from good friends. ♥ Adventures in Manifesting. ♥ An angel card reading from a dear friend. ♥ A girlfriend sending me the link to these Disney inspired princess wedding dresses and discussing which ones we might wear in our fantasy weddings (even though neither of us currently has plans to get married). ♥ The smell of clean laundry. ♥ Finally finding a sunscreen I can use on very sensitive-skinned face! ♥ Free samples of perfume. ♥ Plotting and planning with friends for Fairie Festival this weekend. ♥ Avocados. ♥ Receiving my alma mater‘s alumni magazine. ♥ MUSIC: (this week includes) Paul Simon, The Strokes, The National, Fleet Foxes, and Snow Patrol. ♥ Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. ♥

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