Love a la Carte

Protection, Power, Healing, and Wisdom

20 May, 2011

♥ Almond Cookie Tea from the Spice and Tea Exchange in Alexandria, Virginia ♥ Neil Gaiman writing for Doctor Who ♥ having a pool in the back yard ♥ working on a tan ♥ finding fantastic friends on facebook ♥ wearing jewelry every day ♥ a new blog layout ♥ having a place for everything and everything in its place ♥ having my computer set up again ♥ Elysian Fields ♥ sun and rain and warm weather ♥ pinks & purples ♥ The Gargoyle Cupcake perfume oil from the Misery/Love Co. ♥ “art rarely happens accidentally” ♥ dialectical behavioral therapy, positive psychology, meditation and manifesting ♥ phone calls with good friends ♥ watching Iron Man with Dad ♥ having a real life fairy godmother gift me a great present from a great writer! ♥ amethyst for protection, power, wisdom and healing ♥ cuddling with a fluffy puppy ♥ hand-writing letters with pink pens ♥ exotic blooms ♥ iced coffee ♥ making handmade goods ♥ painting and sketching again ♥ Haley Reinhart singing Rhiannon on American Idol ♥ sewing ♥ watching a good friend put together a fantastic new website ♥ my iPhone camera ♥ Joe’s Eats & Sweets Key Lime Cheesecake ice cream ♥ The Sea Hagg ♥ having a few minutes completely to myself ♥ the azure blue of the Gulf ♥ Sharpie pens ♥

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