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Great Things and Gratefulness

1 July, 2011

A list of great things and things I’m grateful for:

♥ sunny days ♥ Great Big Sea ♥ learning my way around a new part of the country ♥ Dirty Gold’s EP – Roar (pretty much obsessed – I play it at least once a day) ♥ Bodoni font face ♥ researching best practices for small businesses ♥ all the little things we usually take for granted (fresh water and food, a roof over my head) ♥ my awesome friends made through social media ♥ reading awesome material, like the Dark Wife (a revisionist retelling of the myth of Persephone),  the Adventures in Manifesting course materials, and Danielle LaPorte’s Spark Kit (affiliate link) ♥ Ghostly International ♥ Gala Darling’s Body Pressure in the Blogosphere: Bloggers Speak Up ♥ updating, editing, and reworking our family cookbook ♥ registering domain names ♥ big sunglasses ♥ getting out the first 500 words of fiction in what seems like forever ♥ large, dangly earrings ♥ Chocolat ♥ 30 Rock ♥ gin & tonic ♥ Google+ ♥ learning PHP coding language while finding my way around the back end of WordPress (Thanks, Smashing WordPress!) ♥ getting up with the sun ♥ looking at pictures that remind me of great times with great friends ♥ cups of coffee in every shape, size, and variation ♥


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