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Brightening Up the Darkness

22 December, 2011

Things that brighten up even the darkest day of the year:

The Day I Saw Van Gogh’s Genius In A New Light, a beautiful post about an art installation showing how colors appear differently to different people ♥ Keys and Codes Remix EP from Death Cab for Cutie ♥ working on creative projects at work ♥ great friends who I can lean on when I’m down ♥ Elf ♥ the opportunity to learn a lot in a new field ♥ uniball Vision pens ♥ fairy lights ♥ really fuzzy socks ♥ dirty chais ♥ The Glitch Mob ♥ Murad’s Pomegranate Lip Protector ♥ warm and comfortable knit scarves ♥ SnagIt ♥ going to visit my parents for Christmas ♥ the wag of dog tails ♥ reading friends’ lists of gratitude and thanks ♥ someone to drive me to the airport at a ridiculously early hour ♥ getting away for a few days ♥ discussions about Doctor Who ♥ being recognized by my boss for working hard ♥

What’s brightening your day?

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