Love a la Carte

Beautiful Beltane

3 May, 2012

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

A Lesson in Creativity from HitchcockWhat I Know About Beauty Now That I’m in My 30’s  (I’m actually looking forward to my 30’s…) ♥ dreaming about travel every night ♥ co-independence, a blog post about relationships and knowing and loving yourself first ♥ sharing a blogging passion with my mom, who also chronicled our adventures in Singaporelynda.comAnother great post from Eat the Damn Cake (this one’s about the power of positive thinking!) ♥ an exhibition of Leonardo DaVinci’s anatomical work reveals a genius centuries ahead of his rivals ♥ Gala Darling’s “Style Tips”, which include bathtub mimosas, talking on the phone, alternative flower vases, sparkly eye-wear, and the celebration of Beltane! ♥ going to the Spoutwood Fairie Festival to celebrate Beltane with some of the best people I know! ♥ this quote: “Don’t fight what excites you and what lights you up inside.” – Matt Cheuvront ♥

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