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Love A La Carte: Divine Connection

16 July, 2017

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.

Finding ways to connect to Spirit… some examples below:

Working through Kathrin Zenkina’s Unleash Your Inner Money Babe book. She truly is a Manifestation Babe. I love her accessible and interesting approach to attracting money through the law of attraction. She also has a bomb Facebook group of Manifestation Babes who are some of the greatest women on the internet.

Having coffee with someone who always makes me feel my life is affirmed and my soul loved.

Watching Moana again. Great movie about perseverance and courage. (Someday I’m going to be just like Gramma Tala.)

Cleaning out and organizing my bookshelves and my closet. I’m going to donate all the clothing and shoes and bags I don’t use to a women’s shelter.

The Kindness Diaries, a series on Netflix about the kindness of people: man travels the world relying solely on the kindness of others and gives back in unexpected ways. Absolutely beautiful the connections humans can make with each other, even when they’ve just met.

A really awesome tarot reading from Courtney Allen at The Witchy Moon. She did a custom reading for me and every page of the 13 pages she included spoke to me on a very deep level. If you’re looking for divine guidance, send Courtney a message and tell her I sent you.

The Goddess Revolution. Mel Wells has written a book that speaks directly to my soul about food, self image, and living a healthy life.

Spending time each morning meditating and pulling tarot cards before breakfast.



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