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Love A La Carte: The Height of Summer

28 June, 2017

lavender stalks and scissors in basket

Love A La Carte features all the little things that make my life just a little more delicious.


Using the concept of Ho’oponopono to let go.

Creating a High Vibing playlist on Spotify.

Writing and receiving hand-written correspondence.

Bullet Journaling. Using someone else’s planner was getting in the way of creativity and flow. I’m glad to be back at it again.

Using to create my latest vision board. I’m so in love with it that I have it as my desktop wallpaper on the computer at work and also on my laptop at home. I chose images that make me feel free, fulfilled, and flirtatious.

Going to see a good friend’s art exhibit.

Visiting a lavender farm with some friends. The air smelled ever-so-faintly of lavender in the sunshine.

Drinking iced coffee. Hey, sometimes it’s the little things.




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