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Forming Today

25 March, 2011

A list of the things I’m loving right now:

♔ North Mountain’s Sweet Caroline’s Blush – pink and sweet, but not saccharine – like drinking roses on a porch on a sunny Sunday summer afternoon. ♔ The Strokes’ Angles. ♔ Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ♔ Adventures in Manifesting eCourse & writing a blog to catalogue my challenges and achievements, Forming Today. I chose the name “Forming Today” for this blog intentionally as a way to see that I can form each day with my thoughts and attitude. Begin each day with gratitude and use meditation to clear the mind, write out thoughts and share challenges and accomplishments with others. I aim to make each day special with positive psychology and through authentic happiness. ♔ Gala Darling’s website. ♔ Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Morocco perfume oil. ♔ #u30pro chat (Thursdays, 8:00pm Eastern Time). ♔ Dark chocolate M&Ms. ♔ Daffodils. ♔ Longer days. ♔ Packed boxes. ♔ Finding old writing buried in my gmail account. ♔ Pictures tagged “love” on Flickr. ♔ Harney & Sons organic peppermint tea. ♔ Tarkan. ♔ Instagram.

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