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Mental Health Day

21 May, 2013

Do you ever take a day off just to cater to your mental health? I do. And I’ll tell you why: sometimes you just need a day away from work, away from responsibilities to take care of yourself – a time and space completely your own.

I Β took the day off yesterday because I needed a day to be inside myself, without working. I needed extra sleep and extra care.

So, I slept in. And when I got up, I cleaned and did chores around the house, put fresh sheets on the bed, bought new pillows, organized my room, hung summer clothes in the closet and put away the in-between clothes, went grocery shopping, and watched television (cooking shows and the Office, ironically). I bought a jewelry tree to organize my accessories. I hung up my magnetic makeup board. It felt good to take care of all these things and to largely disconnect from the internet. I didn’t pay attention to the news. I didn’t read blogs. I checked Twitter and Facebook sparingly.

At the end of the day, I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world again. There’s just Β something about getting your physical space in order that leads to getting your mental space in order, as well. Sometimes taking a day off just to care for yourself can be just the thing you need.

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