Merry Mabon

22 September, 2016

I can’t believe it’s already September. This summer flew by and I did almost nothing on my Summer To-Do List. I did move into a brand new apartment that has a balcony, but I haven’t used it yet since it’s been so hot and humid outside. I did drink some fantastic wine, my favorite of which was Virginia’s own Gray Ghost Victorian Red, a blend of Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay. Delightful! I took a day trip to Annapolis for my birthday and had a wonderful lunch near the water and window-shopped and enjoyed the breeze off the water. I made a summer playlist and drove around with the windows down and radio blaring just once. It was a very fast summer and full of work and settling in to my new apartment and spending time with friends, but I am relieved and excited that it is September and life is starting to slow down, even if work is picking up.

This time of the year always feels like a return to who I am at the core. Perhaps that’s because my birthday is just before Labor Day, perhaps it’s because I never really shook the Back to School routine from my psyche, perhaps it’s because I’ve grown to appreciate this season more now that I live in a place where this season’s weather is my favorite. I revel in the cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves, the slightly less intense sun during the day. I appreciate the opportunities to drink hot coffee and bundle up in a warm sweater. I love the smells of fall: wood fires and ripe apples and cinnamon. It’s a good time to show off my cooking skills, too, since it’s not too hot to slave over a stove, but yet still warm enough to leave the kitchen window open.

I always do best in the fall with eating healthier, clearing out, getting organized, and getting my life together. I’m working on all three of those things yet again, although less so the clearing out since I did quite a lot of that before I moved. I’m concentrating less on physical clearing out and more on clearing out all of my digital properties. I am working on eating healthier and doing more meal planning. As for getting my life together, there are many things that I’m working on in order to do that. The first of which is using a bullet journal. I’m not only tracking to-dos, but also how much water I’m drinking, how many fruits and vegetables I’m eating, and how much sleep I’m getting.

Today we celebrate not only the fall equinox, but also the righting of Mercury. I’m in a good place and ready to celebrate the harvest with friends tonight. We shall eat, drink, and make merry and I am grateful for all that has come my way, all that has been set in motion during this time. I hope that this time is a wonderful transition for you, as well.

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