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Morning Ritual

4 January, 2011

It seems that lately, I’ve fallen into a morning ritual. It wasn’t expected or planned, but it is a great way to wake up. Instead of getting right out of bed and into the shower, ready for the day, I lay about a little, reflect on where I want to be, and then I pick up supplies and work on my scrapbook journal. This little ritual of creating has taken place of my morning cup of coffee and blog-reading.

It’s the golden hour of dawn (or, in my case with insomnia at the moment, the wee hours before dawn), it is quiet and the world seems peaceful. I can spend the time drawing in the qi, the life force energy, and channel that into how I want my day to go and how I want my future to unfold. With bits of scrap paper or magazine cut-outs, I focus on nature, art, and my own inner comfort and joy. When I have picked and chosen the pieces I want to give myself, I find a way to put them on paper.

It’s powerful to put thoughts on paper, whether to write them out or visualize them. Regardless of if I write or paint or piece together a collage, my mindset is thoroughly influenced by this practice. With the help of the quiet earth’s turning, harnessing my qi, I piece together at least one page a day. This joy is something that stays with me all day. I’ve done something positive, creative, and, if nothing else, I have put my hopes and dreams onto a page. This, in and of itself, is an act of fearlessness and I hope I can keep it up throughout the year.

It is something that both expresses and brings me joy and can help to heal pain. It’s much better than a cup of coffee, don’t you think?

What’s your morning ritual? Are you creative, do you take a long time in the shower, what wakes you up with joy?

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