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On Gratitude and What’s Not Working

22 July, 2013

Moving toward my Core Desired Feelings in The Desire Map*, I completed the section on gratitude and what’s not working. Considering gratitude is one of my favorite words and grateful is one of my favorite feelings, I was excited to get to this part of the workbook, but when I actually worked through it, found it quite challenging. The hard part for me wasn’t finding things to be grateful for, but identifying things that aren’t working and why I’m dissatisfied with this part of my life.

This part was divided into five sections, each asking the same questions: What are you grateful for? Why are you grateful for this? What’s not working? Why are you not satisfied with this?

In Livelihood & Lifestyle, Creativity & Learning, Body & Wellness, Relationships & Society, and Essence & Spirituality, I had no problems coming up with plenty of things to be grateful for and infinite reasons why. I was challenged to come up with what’s not working and why I’m not satisfied with what’s not working. Here’s some of what I came up with:

Livelihood & Lifestyle: I’m grateful for enough money to take care of myself because I know I will have enough to pay my rent, my bills, and still have enough money left over to eat and even have some left over. I’m grateful for a job that is interesting and engaging, which challenges me and forces me to learn new things all the time. I have a hard time getting and staying clean and organized and it makes me uncomfortable. I feel less “together”.

Body & Wellness: I’m grateful for my relative good health because not having to worry about basic health functions is a blessing. We don’t often think about this until we are ill or injured, but I am full of gratitude each and every day for the miraculous things my body does, like breathe without thinking about it. I know I need to have some kind of regular exercise in my life because it will help with both my mental and physical health.

Creativity & Learning: I’m grateful for the desire to be creative because creativity and learning make life interesting. I recognize that I have the capacity and propensity towards learning. Even when things aren’t easy, I continue to learn and grow. Others see potential in me to take on new challenges. I don’t often feel a sense of flow and it makes it hard to create. Rather than a spiritual exercise, I end up feeling like I’m just slogging through and not progressing at all. Because I am not clean and organized, it prevents me from having the time and space to create and without that kind of order, I feel lost.

Relationships & Society: I’m grateful for people who genuinely care about others because taking care of one another in times of need is important to me. I am lucky to have a family who deeply cares about me and who support me. Friends who make me laugh and comfort me when I need a cry make me grateful because having someone you can trust is so important. Communication breakdowns are frustrating and disappointing. When that happens, I often feel defeated and powerless to make relationships work.

Essence & Spirituality: I’m grateful that I have a supportive, curious, and open-minded community that supports my spiritual journey because I am accepted for who I am, which makes me confident, grateful, and brings joy into my life. Creativity and intelligence make me feel I have something to contribute, that I have value. The ability, skill, and knowledge of how to cook and bake so that I can be creative in the kitchen and share my love with others makes me feel I have more to contribute and that I can give of myself in some tangible way. I’m missing a regular spiritual practice that could help with my overall happiness and connection to creativity.

*While this is an affiliate link, I truly do believe in this program and what it will do for my life. I am already appreciative of the workbook and how it makes me more aware of what it is I truly want and how I can achieve my true core desired feelings. I hope sincerely that you will join me, not because I will make money from your purchase, but because I would love to have allies, friends, and co-conspirators along this journey. Please do leave a comment and let me know if you decide to do this program so we can work through it together.

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