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A Love List

27 July, 2011

Things I am loving right now:

♥ homemade sourdough pancakes ♥ writing over 1000 words of fiction in the novel I’ve had major writer’s block on ♥ spending the morning at the beach ♥ Red Sox on the radio ♥ Bon Appetit’s Summer Cooking Manifesto ♥ my brother’s newly-announced engagement to a lovely girl from Indonesia (where my brother is currently living and working) ♥ chocolate ice cream ♥ $3.00 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon that actually taste great ♥ cold-brewed iced coffee ♥ really hearty belly laughs ♥ talking forever on the phone with good friends ♥ fandom collisions ♥ Robot Pony (an enchanting short story) from Madeline Claire Franklin ♥ dreaming of old friends and faraway places ♥ the Bedford DiariesSpotify ♥ homemade popcorn ♥ Boyce Avenue’s cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep ♥ anything cold to battle the heat of the summer ♥ starting a new blog with my mom about our adventures cooking our way through our family (and friends) cookbook – Stories: Savory and Sweet ♥ New England Coffee’s Blueberry Cobbler coffee (best iced!) ♥ rewatching Grey’s Anatomy S2 and the soundtrack to it ♥ rain ♥ Hair Raizers Salon ♥ being able to support my friends by buying their books on Smashwords ♥ a dog in my lap while I surf the web ♥

What are you loving right now?


Tip of the Tongue or How Do You Brand Your Blog?

13 November, 2009

As I have hinted at on Twitter, I am really, really excited about some new blog feature ideas I have. These things are begging to come out and I just can’t seem to make it happen. I’ve gotten one started recently: Merry Go Round, which I really like. Linking to others’ articles, art, blogs, photography, etc. is a great way to share things I find interesting, useful, or happy-making. I love it. Other people title similar types of entries with phrases and words like Link Love, Buffet, Carousel, etc.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Joni Mitchell, so when I was listening to the Circle Game, I thought how perfectly the lyrics fitted with taking time to shout out and point out little bits of happiness and beauty on the Merry Go Round each week. I was relieved to find the perfect name and connotation for my lists of link love, but still have yet to find the perfect names for some of my other features. They’re on the tip of my tongue, I just have to stumble on the perfect one.

So, bloggers, how do you name your features? Is it random? Whatever you think up at the moment? Does it take forever to decide? Do you use song lyrics like I did? What makes a good blog section?

I’m afraid if I go with the first thing that pops into my head, like I did for the name of the blog in the first place and also for the name of the category of Simple Image on this blog, that I’ll be stuck with a name I dislike or no longer fits in a few months or years down the road. What advice can you give on branding your blog?